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E-Center for Women’s Cancers & Maternal Health

The E-Center for Women’s Cancers & Maternal Health is an independent not-for-profit organization established to benefit all Women affected by cancer, their family and carer.

Building healthy communities through education, complete physical, mental and social well-being.
The E-Center for Women’s Cancers and Maternal Health aims to reduce the impact of cancer, address disparities and improve outcomes for people affected by cancer by leading and coordinating, evidence-based interventions across the the entire cancer spectrum.

We are an agency that envisions strong, healthy communities that are inclusive of all.

Currently The E-Center for Women’s Cancers & Maternal Health administers donor-Funded Programs to include Women, disadvantaged women (widows, women living with HIV/AIDS, migrants, single mothers, and elderly women taking care for orphans) and youth.

Serving women and families in our communities
Mission and Vision
Vision: Enable people affected by cancer to access quality support and to better support each other.

The E-center for Women's Cancers & Maternal Health is a non-profit agency that builds healthy communities through early diagnosis, mobilizing resources and services for women living with cancer and disabilities through patient support programs, patient community, carers community, advocay and treatment.

Comprehensive women-centered design approach to services for cancer prevention and control programs
Currently E-center administers donor funded programs to include women living with cancer and people with disabilities; people who experience poorer health outcomes, migrants, and people living in rural and remote areas supporting healthy women and families.

"Without E-Center for Women's Cancers & Maternal Health, I would not have been able to continue with my breast cancer treatment."


"When someone is diagnosed with a life-limiting or terminal illness, they will most likely need a Carer in order to continue to live at home, E-center helped me with my personal care.

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Meet The Team
Hildah Chongo
General Coordinator
Jill White
Professor Emerita Gender Based Violence
Edda L. Fields
Associate Professor
Ntombi 'Toni' Khumalo
Gender and advocacy Director(Attorney)
Carmen Cara
Nutrition Advocacy Director
Natassia Badenhorst
Communication and Reputation specialist
Raeesa Rose
Programme Director(Child Disability and Education)
Nopinki Jilingisi
Associate Programme Officer
Tsakane Malinda
Marketing and Community Outreach Officer